NewProduct Awards

The San Joaquin Valley has often been referred to as the bread basket of the world; growing, manufacturing and distributing enough food to feed over one-third of the nation every single day. The Fresno Food Expo New Product Awards acknowledge the San Joaquin Valley's food "trendsetters," with two distinctive awards: The People's Choice Awards and the Buyer's Choice Awards.

"People's Choice Award"*

All entries received for the Fresno Food Expo New Product Awards will be entered into the "People's Choice Award," and will be voted on by the public through the Fresno Food Expo Facebook page and website. In addition, applicants are encouraged to promote their new product through their own marketing avenues to encourage voter participation.

"Buyer's Choice Award"**

The "Buyers Choice Award" will be reviewed and judged by a panel of food industry professionals at the New Product Award VIP Event, then at the Fresno Food Expo by a panel of celebrity judges in the following categories: Innovation and Creativity (20), Presentation & Packaging (30) and Marketability (50).



Top O’ The Morn Farms, Inc.

Top O' The Morn Farms Farmstead Sweet Cream Salted Butter is tops in quality and the freshest butter you can buy! Locally made on our farm in Tulare, CA. it is crafted from the farm fresh Pasteurized Cream and Himalayan Pink Salt, then it is slow-churned in our hand build butter churn. Just like the good ol' days. Our creamy, small-batch churned butter is great for baking or for everyday use at home. It is best served at room temperature.

Traina Foods

Traina Foods, a leading seller of premuim sun dried fruits for nearly a century, has recently released Hot Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup. This 16 oz. squeeze bottle is packed with intense tomato flavor and a spicy, tangy finish.

Busseto Foods

8 -1.5oz Natural Salami Snack Cups packed in the industry of salami. Nuggets packed in a snack cup allows consumers a convenient option that is a great source of protein in a natural product for on the go or a snack.


Molucca Chocolate

Molucca's craft chocolate is known as a bean-to-bar chocolate. Yes, we make our chocolate bar from cacao beans. From scratch. You will know which country and region, or even which farm the cacao beans come from. This practice of direct trading enhances the small farmers lives significantly and in turn, their farming operations to cultivate cacao trees that produce the purest and highest quality beans are sustainable.


Erna Kubin-Clanin – Proprietress of The Estate by the Elderberries

Chef, Restaurateur and Hotelier Erna Kubin-Clanin's started her career in the restaurant industry in 1969 in Westwood, Los Angeles, and moved to the Central Valley region, just south of Yosemite in 1977 where she began introducing visitors to prix fix, five-course dining cuisines at the Redwood Inn. In 1984 she opened Erna's Elderberry House and determined to complete the Estate with a hotel, she began construction in April 1990 on the adjacent ten-room Château du Sureau with builder Gary Browns. The Estate by the Elderberries, so named for the elderberry bushes that cover the grounds - was completed with the addition of the Château, which bears the French name for the elderberry, baie du sureau, and welcomed its first guests May 1991.

Harv Singh – Whole Foods Local Sourcing Guru

Harv Singh travels all over the West Coast in search of exceptional local farmers and food makers so he can bring their goods to the shelves of Whole Foods Market. Harv is more than just a talent scout for great flavor. He mentors small businesses and helps them grow through our Local Producer Loan Program.

Jim Jarosz – Division Manager, Landsberg Orora Engineered Packaging Solutions

Jim is Division Manager of the Fresno location for Landsberg Orora, a world-class leader in innovative packaging solutions that partners with your business to provide an unsurpassed packaging experience.  Whether you need custom corrugated boxes, standard packaging materials, or a fully-automated production line – you will experience the ideal packaging solution.

Sean Topping – DSD Receiving Manager, Local Marketing & Merchandising Lead, Albertson’s-Safeway Northern California Division

Sean Topping connects small, local food producers with the opportunity to merchandise their products in Safeway/Vons stores throughout Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii. During his 25 years of retail marketing and merchandising experience in category management, pricing and supply chain, Sean has made buying decisions affecting over 1,500 retail stores in food categories such as coffee, condiments, frozen food, juice, pasta sauce, soup, and tea. Whether trying new ethnic flavors during travels or experimenting in the kitchen at home, he truly enjoys the adventure of tasting new foods. His passion for food comes from his father, who employed classic French cooking techniques when scratch-cooking simple meals for the family.



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Craft Chocolate Bars

Molucca Chocolate

Molucca's craft chocolate is known as a bean-to-bar chocolate. Yes, we make our chocolate bar from cacao beans. From scratch. You will know which country and...

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Truly Raw Shredded Cheese

Organic Pastures

Organic Pastures takes pride in offering the highest quality raw products. Our new Shredded Cheese is the perfect solution for the buys, health-conscious...

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Flavored Dry Roasted Almonds

Heart Ridge Farms

Our line of flavored dry roasted almonds includes: Whole Natural, Whole Natural with Sea Salt, Smokin Bits and Pieces, Habenero BBQ, Garlic Jalapeno, Buffalo...

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Cucumbier "Cucumber Pilsner"

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co.

We have taken the phrase "Cool as a Cucumber" to the next level. Cucumbier is a cool crisp Pilsner made the traditional way using Bohemian malts, and Saaz hops...

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Lactose Free Chocolate Milk

Rosa Brothers Milk Company

Fresh, local glass bottled Lactose Free Chocolate Milk. This product comes in half gallon and quart sizes. It is made with whole milk from the Rosa Brothers'...

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Farmstead Sweet Cream Butter

Top O' The Morn Farms, Inc.

Top O' The Morn Farms Farmstead Sweet Cream Salted Butter is tops in quality and the freshest butter you can buy! Locally made on our farm in Tulare, CA. it is...

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"BFF's" Bites of Fresh Fruit

Farmington Fresh

Bites of Fresh Fruits, BFF's are a snack variety pack of fresh sliced fruit including: oranges, red apples, Granny-Smith apples, grapes and pears. BFF's...

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Busseto Natural Salami Snack Cups

Busseto Foods

8 -1.5oz Natural Salami Snack Cups packed in the industry of salami. Nuggets packed in a snack cup allows consumers a convenient option that is a great source...

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Scout Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Scout Olive Oil

Scout Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends Arbequina and Arbosana olives to create lavish, buttery, fruity aromas and flavors with notes of fresh green olives...

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Mozzerella Cheese Curds

Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese & Milk

Bringing this Wisconsin favorite and giving it a California twist. Our Mozzarella Cheese Curds are fresh and made with our own cows milk on our local dairy....

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"Papa" P*DE*Q


"Papa" P*DE*Q is a tea slider bun vversion of our signature product P*DE*Q. It is 2oz. Size, and it's a perfect size to make into sandwiches and offer as...

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Siracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

Traina Foods

Traina Foods, a leading seller of premium sun dried fruits for nearly a century, has recently releasedHot Sriracha, Sun Dried Tomato Kechup. This 16 oz....

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Mini Pepper Dipper Cups

Baloian Farms

Baloian Farms introduces their Mini Pepper Dipper Cups, which includes a ranch dressing dip, and fresh multi-colored mini peppers in a recycleable, high...

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Hutch's Gourmet BBQ Sauce "Original"

Hutch's Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Sweet thick sauce that finishes slightly spicy. Hutch's is great on barbecued beef, pork, poultry and fish.

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2014 Albarino Wine

Kings River Winery

Tasting notes for Kings River Winery's 2014 Albariño: Aromas of comice pear and apple pie laced with baked pineapple and some lime blossom notes. Very complex...

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Grape Jammers

Brandt Farms, Inc.

Grape Jammers is a new brand directive to connect the consumer to our Thomcord Grapes that we featured at the 2014 expo. The central focus is around the “...

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Bobby Salazar's Mild and Medium Roasted Salsa

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Foods

New Bobby Salazars Mild Salsa and Fire Roasted Medium Salsa are made with California fresh vegetables, the same flavor as the ORIGINAL Bobby Salazar's salsa,...

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Wawona Frozen Foods

SweetGems are mouthwatering mini pies with soft pillowy crust and real fruit filliing. These Gluten free delectables are bursting with sun-ripeneed goodness....

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Pizza*Q Dough & Crust


Pizza*Q is our line of delicious, full flavored, gluten-free pizza products. Pizza*Q dough can be stretched, formed and used just like a wheat-based dough....

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California Almond Butter

California Almonds, LLC

California Almond Butter is an all-natural, nothing added, non-GMO, gluten-free almond butter that is made in Central California by almond farmers.

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Miners Mix Mixes and Marinades

MM Gourmet, LLC DBA Miner's Mix

Miners Mix Marinades and Mixes are 100% natural, unique recipes. Our slogan is, "If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here," describes perfectly what goes...

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Miners Mix Seasonings and Rubs

MM Gourmet, LLC DBA Miner's Mix

Miners Mix Seasonings and Rubs are all unique recipes that are 100% natural and are low in sodium. Our slogan is, "If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here...

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Setton Farms 100% All Natural Pistachio Chewy Bites

Setton Pistacho of Terra Bella, Inc.

Setton Farms 100% All Natural Pistachio Chewy Bites are jam packed with over 50% pistachios, antioxidant cranberries, agave nectar...

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Just Enough

Farmington Fresh

Just Enough potatoes feature premium russet potatoes in two and four count packs which are made to be readily enjoyed. Our potatoes are hand sorted to...

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Cold Brewed Organic French Roast Iced Coffee

Producers Dairy Foods Inc.

Made with only three organic, top quality ingredients: Fresh whole milk with Vitamin D, freshly roasted, ground and cold brewed pure Arabic French Roast coffee...

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FitPro Active Greens


FitPro Active Greens is a multi-utility nutritional product containing 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables. This unique blend works on a cellular level to...

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Flavored Pistachios

Nature's Joy

New flavored pistachios in snack size bags! Smoky BBQ has flavor notes of warm, pungent onion and garlic, along with mild sweet spice notes; Zesty California...

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Sheets Milk Cheese

Vintage Cheese Company

We have produced a line of aged sheep milk cheeses. We have a traditional blue cheese, a Spanish style Manchego cheese, an Italian style Romano cheese, a...

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SnackMasters California Kick'n Chicken and Pow'r Pork Jerky

SnackNatural dba SnackMasters Gourmet Jerky

SnackMasters Gourmet Jerky is slicked from natural whole muscle meat, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added hormones and minimally processed.

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Noah's Spring Water

Varni Brothers Corporation

Noah's Spring Water 24oz. Cap Can is an ecological alternative to traditional plastic bottled water. The big bold can is re-scalable and stays colder, longer....

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TRUE Grimmway Farms

Grimmway Farms

Starting from our humble beginnings in 1968, we continue to remain TRUE to our family traditions: faith, hard work and an honest approach to putting the...

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Pure & Natural Single-Serve Dried Apple Slices

Bella Viva Orchards, Inc.

Bella Viva Orchards’ Pure...



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