June 15, 2017

35 Things To Do in the Fresno Area This Summer

In Fresno, you’re only bored if you’re boring.The city is gateway to some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world, but it also has plenty to do for the inside cats in town. The local music, art and food cultures are all on the rise. The live music scene is better than ever.
Summer is here, and contrary to diminishing popular belief, there’s actually so much to do in the Fresno area over just the next few months that listing it all would be next to impossible. Here is The Bee’s best shot, but be sure to point out anything we are missing. We’ll humbly beg your forgiveness and add anything we skipped over, so check back often. Click here for the full article. 
May 2, 2018
Exhibitor Incubator Program Media Alert
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August 17, 2017
Producers Honored At Fresno Food Expo’s New Products Awards, Capital Press, 7-31-17
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